Why CPAs Recommend Cost Segregation to Reduce Property Owner’s Income Taxes
If you own commercial or multifamily real estate, and your accountant has not recommended cost segregation as a tax strategy,[...]
Major Tax Benefits Apartment Owners Don’t Know About
Each year after filing your tax return you may wonder if there might have been something else you could have[...]
Should You De-Capitalize Parts of Your Building?
Are you sitting on some extraordinary income tax deductions and not even know it? Unless your accountant has already talked with you[...]
New IRS Regulations Every Real Estate Investor Will Love
If you're a real estate investor, the days of simple guidelines for expensing a cost or capitalizing or depreciating it[...]
Solve Cash Flow Problems Without Using Debt
If you are facing a cash flow challenge, perhaps due to a taxable gain on sale of real estate, or[...]
New IRS Regulations Every Real Estate Investor Will Love
If you're a real estate investor, the days of simple guidelines for expensing a cost or capitalizing or depreciating it[...]
Sizing Up Untapped Tax Benefits in Your Real Estate Portfolio
I am frequently asked about how much tax benefit a commercial or apartment building might generate if the owner were[...]
Save More than Energy with EPAct Energy Efficient Building Deductions
    Recently I was talking with facilities management professional who specializes in energy efficiency services for his firm. He[...]
5 Cost Segregation Tax Deferral Myths: BUSTED!
Many commercial real estate owners and advisers think it’s risky to perform cost segregation because it's a tax shelter that’s likely to cause[...]

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Is this Big Risk Lurking on Your Building’s Depreciation Schedule?
You could be giving up significant tax deductions and setting yourself up for problems in the event of a federal[...]
Cash for Trash and the Value of Engineering to Support Your Deductions
If you own or manage buildings and foresee renovations, be aware of the value of engineering-based analysis of those renovations[...]
Maximizing Cash Flow from Your Apartment Investments
What does that mean for apartment investors? Quite simply, if you have not applied cost segregation to your apartment property,[...]
Slash Tax on Sale With This Little-Known Technique
Yes, cost segregation after the sale is a thing. It’s not widely known, but it should be. You may be[...]
Unlocking Hidden Tax Benefits: Intro to Cost Segregation
ost segregation is the IRS-recognized method of taking accelerated depreciation on depreciable real estate and is used by savvy property[...]
6 Events That Can Trigger Big Real Estate Tax Deductions
Real estate owners and investors who want to maximize the cash flow from their investments can take advantage of the[...]
Free Report: New Real Estate Deductions Under the TPRs
The final IRS Repair & Capitalization Regulations (aka the “Tangible Property Regulations”) became effective on January 1, 2014, yet many[...]
Write Off Your Tenant Improvement Costs Faster and Increase After-Tax Cash Flow
Did you know that both landlords and tenants can recover tenant improvement costs much more quickly and improve after-tax cash[...]
Catching Up on Missed Depreciation Deductions
Are you (like most owners of commercial real estate and apartments) missing out on one of the biggest and easiest[...]
Hidden Tax Benefits in Your Commercial Building
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4 Ways Real Estate Investors Avoid Overpaying Income Taxes
Until recently, there were pretty simple guidelines that determined whether to expense a cost or capitalize and depreciate it. For[...]
Cash for Trash: Are You Throwing Away Deductions?
New tax regulations give real estate owners and investors a powerful reason to conduct an annual review of their activities[...]
4 Income Tax Crushers for Real Estate Investors
Are you missing out? The IRS recently increased incentives to have cost segregation studies performed, by rolling out new regulations that change[...]

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Is Your Cost Segregation Study Audit-Proof?
How can you make sure you get the benefits of your cost segregation study without putting yourself at risk if[...]
Cost Segregation Buyer’s Checklist
Cost segregation may benefit me because: I built, bought or exchanged into depreciable real estate within the last 15 years,[...]